Mario Muscarella

Principal Investigator
Research Interests: Microbial Ecology, Ecophysiology, Growth Efficiency
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Shannyn Bird

Lab Technician
Research Interests: Computational biology, molecular genetics, metabolic biochemistry, and cell cycle control


Kodi Haughn

PhD Student (Co-Advised w/ Brandon Briggs at UAA)
Research Interests:


Jules Pender

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Research Interests: Environmental health and the applications of plant and microbial biology
Current Project: Microbes and Mercury in the Interior


Kaia Victorino

BNZ LTER REU Research Assistant
Research Interests: One Health - promoting the health of the natural world
Current Project: Microbes and Mercury in the Interior


Jill Jacobs

Undergraduate Research Assistant
BLaST Scholar
Research Interests: The Berry Microbiome


Tyler Baker-Chapman

Undergraduate Research Assistant
BLaST Scholar
Research Interests: Bacteria-Phage Co-Evolution



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Past Lab Members

Belen Muniz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Resource Interference Model: Aquatic environments often contain a diverse selection of resources which microorganisms can use. Often this consists of a mixture of allochthonous resources when enter from outside the system and autochthonous resources which are produced within the system. Belen worked on a theoretical framework to understand how allochthonous and autochthonous resources interact and influence the composition and stability of communities.

Mollie Carrison, Indiana University
Physiological Responses to Starvation: Microorganisms often contend with prolonged resource limitation and full starvation. Yet do not fully understand how different organisms respond to these situation. Mollie worked on an experiment system to quantify the variation in population size decay when microbial populations are starving (i.e., no available resources).

Xia Meng Howey, Indiana University
Microbial Carbon Traits & The HMWF Culture Collection: Microorganisms often have the ability to use various resources to meet their physiological requirements. Yet, organisms may use resources in different ways. Xia Meng worked on establishing a culture collection from Lakes in the Huron Mountain Wildlife Preserve to explore variation in resource use. Once the collection was established she worked on developing methods and testing competitive strategies between isolates.